Your suspension system helps you stay in control on the road. Autometrix can help ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system up to every twist and turn the road may bring.

Shocks and struts warning signs

  • Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body
  • Shock or strut bodies are dented or damaged
  • Mounts or bushings are broken or worn
  • Cupped, uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle sways or leans on turns
  • Vehicle “nose dives” when you apply the brakes
  • Excessive bouncing after hitting a road bump
  • Harsh, bumpy or shaky ride
  • Steering is stiff or makes noise

We stock an array of quality brands of shock absorbers and related parts. This is because your vehicle’s suspension system serves two primary purposes:
– Managing road holding and handling and thereby the safety of your vehicle as it maneuvers on the road and maximizing driver and passenger comfort
– Minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise.
Shocks and struts are integral components of the suspension system and their wear has significant impact on your vehicle’s safety. Worn shocks and struts can affect how your wheels touch the road, causing dangerous swaying, hydroplaning, deteriorated performance and compromised road handling and holding.

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