Fill up with nitrogen

We recommend filling your tyres with nitrogen instead of air. Nitrogen tyres maintain their pressure for longer. They also run at a lower temperature for greater durability.

Nitrogen last longer

Nitrogen has a different molecular structure to air, and escapes through the tyre’s tube at a slower rate than compressed air.
While a tyre filled with air could lose up to 0.14 kilopascals (kPa) in only one month, nitrogen tyres maintain their pressure for up to six months.

Nitrogen keeps your tyres cool

When tyres get hot, their inflation pressure increases. This makes the tyre’s footprint (the part that touches the road) much smaller. A smaller footprint can cause your tyres to lose grip.

Filling your tyres with nitrogen will allow them to run at a lower temperature. This means that:

  • Your tyre’s footprint will be larger, improving grip and road handling.
  • Your tyres will last up to 20% longer

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